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Womens Self Defense Seminar Video

Program Benefits:
 Learn to use quick, effective, and decisive responses to eliminate immediate danger.
√  Learn easy to remember, instinctual defenses for the most common attacks against women.
 Learn powerful, practical strikes and defensive position.
√  Learn defenses from chokes, grabs, and rape scenarios.
 Opportunities to practice and use realistic self defense techniques.
And much more!

Training Concepts:
“Stay with People” principle - This training covers the most common sexual assault scenarios. You will learn how to escape from sexual assault positions. This training is particularly useful for assaults which may occur in parking lots, parking garages and other areas where it is imperative that you not be taken to a secondary location (where statistics show you have a greater chance of being raped and murdered.)  You will learn to effectively defend against a variety of assaults, including the rape position, as well as chokes, hits, and grabs.  You will learn to defend your space as well as to keep an attacker from getting too close for comfort.
“Go to People” principle - This covers date rape scenarios and provides tactics and techniques that you need to know to defend against an attack in a secluded area and escape to a populated area.  It is designed to defend against attacks that can be perpetrated by acquaintances and, considering that 75% of all attacks are committed by someone who knows you, these could be the most practical techniques you will ever learn.
To schedule a women's self defense seminar, contact
 Real World Krav at 203-415-0686